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Dedicated Fixer in Mongolia - Experienced in the field in Mongolia since 1993


We work with the proper authorities at all levels of government to be certain all of the proper permissions for filming in Mongolia are obtained. From the local level, to any protected area permissions and authorizations at the ministerial level, we thoroughly research all projects on a case by case basis to ensure no administrative issues come up during your shoot or after your project has aired.


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We have a variety of reliable vehicles and professional drivers available to support your crew or expedition in Mongolia. 4WD vans, Landcruisers & Russian vans (Furgons) are our go-to vehicles. Other vehicles, such as large capacity buses, available upon request.


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Drone filming and mapping services, as well as drone photography services available upon request. We regularly use drones for location scouting, mapping projects and aerial footage needs (to 4K resolution).


Mongolia Fixers offers comprehensive location and roduction services for film crews needing a fixer in Mongolia. Translating between English, French and Mongolian on a shoot.

We have translators available for a number of languages to suit your crew. Besides translators specializing in English/Mongolian translation, we can arrange for French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Korean and Russian speaking translators, as well as a number of other languages on a case by case basis.


Mongolia Fixer, Fixer in Mongolia, logistics, location services, equipment, shipping and receiving, film production

For crews or expeditions traveling heavy, we can arrange to receive your equipment in advance and/or ship back to you once the project is concluded.


Mongolia Fixers offers fixer in Mongolia and location services for film crews. Logistics coordination and comprehensive location services includig expedition management

From maintaining 24/7 satellite communicator monitoring for a remote expedition, to detailed route planning for visits to sites with no established infrastructure, to overall management of all in-country services for a film project or expedition, we take the success of your endeavors in Mongolia very much to heart.


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Our team has worked with many of the animals you'll find in Mongolia. On various projects, we've arranged and worked with horses, camels, sheep, goats, eagles, wolves, yaks, cattle, reindeer, rabbits, Bankhar and other dog breeds. This seems to have inadvertently become one of our specialties.