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Beautiful view of the mountainous mongolian country

ADVENTURES & Expeditions

Every year our team of fixers in Mongolia will lead unique adventures and expeditions to remote corners of the country that adventurous souls are invited to join.

12 days
Mongolian dirt road






Grand Tour


gobi desert



The Sphinx in the Mongolian Khermen Tsav
The canyons of Khermen Tsav

This 9-day excursion will take you to some of the most remote parts of the Gobi Desert, which few tourists ever see. This will include Hermen Tsav (the ‘Grand Canyon of Mongolia’) and Bijegt Khad, an ancient petroglyph site. These areas see perhaps 200-300 tourists a year, due to their remoteness and how inhospitable they are for most of the year. We’ll be staying in tents and bringing absolutely everything we’ll need to survive on this expedition, as there is literally no tourist infrastructure whatsoever where we are going. Please note that travel times in our vehicles are lengthy and it’s almost all off-road. This is the true Mongolian experience.

Delger Murun


Extending from Mongolia's northwestern-most reaches, the Delger Murun river forms the border between Russia and Mongolia, before turning eastward through mountains, broad valleys, steep canyons, and classic steppe. Eventually, the river becomes part of the largest river in the country and flows into the largest lake in the world, Lake Baikal. Join us to packraft the Upper and Middle sections of the Delger Murun river through some of Mongolia's most remote and isolated landscapes.


This region is far from the beaten track ensuring real adventurers will leave Mongolia with the knowledge that they’ve truly done something special and rare. You’ll experience dramatic mountain scenery, rolling Mongolian steppe, and stunning lakes as we make our way towards the mountain town of Bayanzurch in Khovsgol province. Then we’ll head towards the Russian border and get as close as we are permitted along the Delger Murun River. 


There will be opportunities to hike, visit ancient archaeology, meet local families, and spot plenty of Mongolian horses, as well as camels, yaks, birds of prey, and other Mongolian wildlife.


khövsgöl province

packrafting expedition

scenic pack rafting in mongolia
rafting downstream in the mongolian countryside





trekking through mountsins and grasslands in Mongolia




Two hump camels in mongolia
camping out in mongolia

If you have ever wanted to take part in a truly off-the-beaten-path expedition and would like to see some rarely seen parts of Mongolia, we have the trip for you this summer!

Mongolia remains one of the world’s last truly undiscovered adventure travel destinations; a land steeped in the legacy created by the warriors of Chinggis Khan who created the largest Land Empire that the world has seen.


This is a 9 day exploration of the foothills and valleys of the Kharkhiraa and Turgen mountains in northwestern Mongolia. Accompanied by a caravan of camels, you will embark on a journey across excellent trekking country, combining open steppe, riverside walks, forested areas and more rugged terrain on the climb to the Kharkhiraa Pass, glacier and summit.

The Trek
Golden gobi Sunset over the horizon


Planning & Management

fresh campfire coals in the night
two hump camels wading in a body of water in the steppes of Mongolia
Mongolian Kazakh eagle huntress
Ancient mongolian petroglyphs


We are happy to work with clients who would like to plan an expedition in Mongolia.

Whether you wish to plan something solo and unique, have a small private group or need support for a full scale remote expedition, we are bespoke travel specialists.

Our team can also conduct feasibility studies, perform expedition planning for your group and organize reconnaissance trips to new and remote areas. We are also thrilled to work with researchers conducting scientific explorations and studies.

If you have a passion for photography, hot springs, archaeological sites, mountain biking or trekking, we share that. Contact us to arrange a bespoke tour for 2024 and beyond.

The Delger Murun River in Khuvsgul Mongolia


In a world where most people go to the same touristy spots and fight crowds to take their turn snapping the same selfies to immediately upload to Instagram, paddling the Delgermörön is a really unique experience. It is a complete escape from the din of stress and constant communication. Alternating between physical challenges like racing against storms to get to camp, mental challenges like preparing to paddle an intimidating rapid, and just pure relaxation, drifting along in the silence under the enormous Mongolian sky, it is an experience unlike any that you will find elsewhere. Mongolia Fixers takes care of everything extraneous, letting me just focus on the experience and enjoy the moment. I've never camped so luxuriously. The guides, the food, the vehicles, the scenery - everything is amazing. Thanks! I look forward to returning and seeing more of your beautiful country.

Ethan B. - USA

If you're considering a trip in Mongolia where you can get to know the country off the beaten path and maybe even in a rather unusual way, get in touch with Gregg and Gana. I spent 10 days with them, pack rafting on the Delger, and enjoyed every minute of it. They know their stuff very well, and even as a beginner, you will feel comfortable. The trip was very well organized, the equipment in good condition, the food excellent! I also have to mention the two drivers who did an awesome job, especially given the terrain they had to go through to meet us again in the evenings. There would be much more to say, but to keep it short: I just can highly recommend it. And I'm sure they will also be happy to organize any different trip adjusted to your individual requirements!

Sylvia S. - Switzerland

This was a trip like nothing else I have ever experienced - a chance to drift serenely down a picturesque stretch of river in a remote corner of Mongolia with barely another human soul in sight. It's an ideal antidote to the chaos and craziness of our 21st-century lives and an opportunity to get completely off the grid and enjoy beautiful, untouched nature.

Nick E. - UK

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