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Client testimonials


nadra bakar

metia group


When I first heard I had to do a video project in Mongolia specifically on a mining site in the Gobi, I didn't know how I could pull the project off. Fortunately, I found Mongolia Fixers. Gregg was eager to help and I could sense his commitment right from our first phone call. After connecting Gregg with the relevant parties in Mongolia, I felt like I had nothing to worry about. From securing the right documentation (which was slightly complicated again due to the nature of the project!) to accommodation to transport - and hooking us up with an experienced videographer, Mongolia Fixers did it all.

nicola de stefani

january 2019

loro piana

cashmere - the origin of a secret

Filming and working in Mongolia with Mongolia Fixers, scouting 2 weeks in December 2018, and shooting in January 2019 for another 2 weeks, was an amazing experience. With Gregg Mikolasek at the helm everything turned out smooth and simple. His attitude and that of his team made things possible and especially made them pleasurable. We had the best time together and the best results with our project, even if it was the hardest time of the year, shooting at the edge of the country in the dead of winter. Thanks so much to Gregg and to his local team of professional drivers, fixers and outdoors man, they were all fantastic people and most important of all we ended up becoming all good friends.

Lucas Jenner

Executive Producer / Partner

rabbit content

September 2017

Having never shot in Mongolia (or ever really thought about shooting in Mongolia) I literally googled Mongolia fixers for film and came across Gregg and his team. From the first email, Gregg put me at ease that he was the right person to go with in a place that was pretty far removed from the filmmaking comforts that we have come to know. He helped put together a narrative journey for our concept and made it happen from start to finish. Gregg and the rest of his team in Mongolia have a fantastic 'can do' attitude and my team and I would recommend him and his people to anyone wishing to film or explore Mongolia.

diesel & alex


rabbit content

September 2017

The first communications from Mongolia Fixers promised an incredible journey, suggested with genuine passion. Now, on the other side of production, I can say the experience lived up to both aspects, absolutely.

chris pluchar



july 2017

When we first came up with the crazy idea of shooting in Mongolia, we had no idea how to do it or how difficult that might be.  Thankfully, we came upon Gregg's company website ( and got in touch.  The mountain of challenges that we faced would have surely ruined our shoot, were it not for Gregg, Gana, and their team.  From issues with customs upon arrival to replacing batteries confiscated in China to last minute flight changes due to weather, they were there for us every step of the way.  


Once you meet them, you'll know three things.  One, you're in good hands.  Two, they care about Mongolia, the land and the people.  Three, you're going to have a truly enjoyable shoot with these guys.


Now we just need to find another project to take us back there!

chris kugelman

executive producer

red bull media house

november 2016

Over the years I have been able to travel to some amazing locations and film in challenging environments on all seven continents. My experience in Mongolia stands out as a highlight both professionally and personally .

Gregg and Gana of Mongolia Fixers know their business and the business of production. On site they had prepared not only an authentic, comfortable and cool camp (and Cliffe’s amazing menu!), they had also thought of all the needs of production in our remote location. Each day and movement was carefully thought through and executed, to maximize our shooting window. When changes or challenges arrived, they worked with the crew to find solutions and alternatives.

What becomes very clear early on is that Gregg and his team are not only good at what they do, they are good people. The respect and admiration they showed for their employees and locals, was returned to us over and over by the welcoming people we encountered and filmed. Meals, music, and stories were shared as a group long after cameras were put away.

I left Mongolia thrilled with our production and touched by the human experience that Mongolia Fixers helped to facilitate.

kevin a. brennecke


karga seven pictures

october 2016

Planning a cinematically demanding shoot with a large crew and gear package in a remote part of Mongolia comes with endless uncertainties and risks. The Mongolia Fixers team alleviated these with ease. Gregg and Gana worked tirelessly to cast, scout, and prep our shoot and flawlessly handled every small detail of our logistically challenging operation. On top of all of this, he ensured that our personal experience was truly unforgettable.

nick z. miller

additional content producer

karga Seven pictures

october 2016

Mongolia Fixers made what seemed to be a near impossible shoot... a smooth reality. So much care to detail and execution behind the scenes by Gregg and the Mongolia Fixers. Having a team of skilled drivers to navigate the rocky roads of mountainous Bayan-Olgii, having incredible food taken care of, nomadic housing for crew, the list goes on. It's a type of professionalism and service that anticipates your needs before you knew you had them. Only the highest recommendations for this team.

felix lajeunesse


felix & paul studios

february 2015

The team at Mongolia Fixers is highly professional, reliable and resourceful. We traveled to Mongolia in the summer of 2014 for a virtual reality live-action shoot. (The team) took great care of our project and business, and managed to “make it happen” over a very short period of pre-production time. They’ve also been extraordinarily helpful after the production, to answer some of our needs in the context of the release of our project at the Sundance Film Festival. If you intend as a producer to bring a production to Mongolia, look nowhere else. This is the team you should collaborate with.

bryce brentlinger

segment producer

karga Seven pictures

march 2015

From planning logistics to sourcing the best camel milk vodka in the Gobi desert, Mongolia Fixers was thoroughly invested in making our Mongolia episode an absolute success. Despite the 15-hour time change from our office in the USA, Mongolia Fixers was readily available during all hours of the night and were fully prepared to hit the ground running as soon as we landed in Ulaanbaatar.

strange media

august 2008

Filming an underwater documentary in Mongolia was a monumental task.  With no diving infrastructure to speak of, all of our equipment had to be shipped in from China.   The logistics of organizing a diving / filming expedition in the Mongolian Taiga was difficult and required great sensitivity.  The local population considers the water, and surrounding area of the lake, sacred.  As guests, we needed to show the utmost respect towards their culture.  Our expedition included scientists, geologists, a sonar technician, filming and support divers and several others.  Besides basic production necessities like transport, food and lodging, we also needed translators, ambassadors, 24 hour security, local guides and a number of other support personal unique to this part of the world.  The documentary was completed without compromise and was a huge success.  

eric seldin

director of photography

asia rising

documentary series

I'd like to wholeheartedly recommend Gregg Mikolasek as a coordinator and fixer for any film/television production in Mongolia.


In 2012, Gregg and his team literally saved our documentary production (covering the route of a multi vehicle caravan of large tour buses throughout the country). We had been poorly advised by another coordination company, and at the last minute Gregg was able to entirely revamp our logistical arrangements from soup to nuts. He and his local driver/translator determined the most viable and time-saving routes for our documentary unit to travel in our plan to meet the Caravan at the Chinese border, and from obviously apparent experience understood how to prepare for all facets of regional travel.


We were additionally impressed by the calm and measured manner in which Gregg and his staff handled themselves regarding the constant variables presented by our daily shoot and travel requests. Their knowledge of Mongolian locations, and their dedication to helping us succeed in our production, actually encouraged us to stay longer in-country as well as to consider Mongolia as a location for numerous future projects.

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