Mongolia Fixers is a group of professionals who have combined their expertise in the areas of fixing, line production, project management, expedition planning & logistics, remote catering, translation and specialty tourism to offer a western style and level of service for your project in Mongolia. International expertise, combined with lifetimes of local knowledge from our dedicated in-country team, enable us to offer you service second to none. 

Our Team

Gregg has managed logistics for expeditions in the USA, Central and South America and Mongolia for a variety of purposes, ranging from exploration to search and recovery, travel tourism and film crews. This has allowed him to work in such diverse areas of the globe as Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador and Russia. His background is actually in the sciences, having a Masters in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science from the University of Michigan. He has more than 25 years of diving and maritime experience, including expedition and logistics management and in 2007, participated in the first scientific diving expedition to Mongolia.  From 2011-13, Gregg either managed or set up the operations room for the Mongol Derby, billed as the toughest horse race in the world.  He is currently a Director and CFO of the Undersea Voyager Project, a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is undersea exploration and education. He established an office of UVP as an NGO in Mongolia in 2012, as a base of operations from which to conduct environmental research in Lake Hövsgöl.


Gregg enjoys dragging willing friends on frequent adventurous jaunts around Mongolia.  After driving to Mongolia from London in the 2010 Mongol Rally, he stayed and over the years has explored a number of different provinces.  Gregg is a professional skydiver, licensed private pilot, avid diver, occasional skier and holds a 100 GT USCG Captain's License.  In his free time, you might find him captaining his packraft on one of Mongolia's gorgeous rivers.

Gregg Mikolasek

Ganerdene yuljinsenge

Ganerdene has been guiding since 1993 and in that time has traveled and guided in nearly all of Mongolia's provinces. He lived in the UK for 8 years and then returned to Mongolia, giving him a unique understanding of how eastern and western cultures interact, not to mention the proper British accent. His fixing experience began with the 1997 Camel Trophy Event. Since that time he has worked on the 2005 Peking - Paris Rally for ABC, expeditions for Great Walks of the World and the Teenage Cancer Trust (establishing routes for their 2 trips and leading the treks), as well as working with House Hunting International and BBC Documentaries on Mongolian Nomads' Lives. Gana has led 2 dozen mountain biking trips and over a dozen trekking groups, including treks to remote areas using caravans of camels for support. He has been driving/guiding for numerous expeditions including U.S astronaut Kenneth "Ken" Ham & their Mongolia 'Transit of Venus' group.


Gana genuinely enjoys sharing unique experiences with visitors to Mongolia and has made friends from many countries around the world. He is a huge football fan (the soccer kind) and we rarely see him before mid-afternoon on days off, as games usually start at 4am. Gana recently traded in his camel caravan for a packraft to join Gregg on a few river recces, saying something like ‘packrafts don’t spit at you or smell as bad’.

Munkhjargal is our key person who 'makes it happen' in Ulaanbaatar.  She is a highly sought after professional translator, tour industry professional and a fixer in her own right. She has translated (including direct translation) for visiting dignitaries from the USA and worked with a number of internationally recognized agencies that have had projects in Mongolia.  She makes sure things are done right with the highest degree of professionalism.  In the past, she has worked as the general manager of the Duut Resort of the Usguun LLC Mongolia, arguably one of the more luxurious resorts in central Mongolia. She graduated from the Mongolian University of Humanities as a Russian and English teacher in 1996 and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Management Academy of Mongolia. She has 4 years experience working in the Mongolian Parliament and 10 years INGO managerial experience with JCS International. Munkhjargal was also a team member on several international projects conducted by UNDP Mongolia and the US Embassy in Ulaanbaatar between 2005 and 2008.  

We're pretty sure there are secrets that she can't discuss, which makes her a perfect member of the team. Your project confidentiality is safe with her!

Munkhjargal dorjgotov

Cliffe Arrand's artistry in the kitchen is the result of a lifetime love affair with food and creativity. He opened his first restaurant by the time he was 23 in coastal New Hampshire, and is now leading the way in Ulaanbaatar's food service industry with his restaurant Rosewood Kitchen+Enoteca, the specialty gourmet Butchery by Rosewood, and a hospitality consulting business. A champion of local organic products, Chef Cliffe's creativity coupled with his vast expertise has led him to cater for such prestigious events as the Mongolia Bike Challenge (3 years running), The Great Human Race film shoot for National Geographic, JCI ASPAC catering in Japan representing Mongolia, the Golden Rose parliamentary new year dinner and a number of private weddings and functions. With a unique understanding of the specific dietary and nutritional needs of his diners and the understanding of ingredient availabilities in Mongolia, he masterfully designs menus with inspiration drawn from around the world for his discerning guests. 

His dedication to his craft is outweighed only by a commitment to improving standards in his industry.  For Mongolia Fixers, Cliffe has kept our crews well fed with themed meals from 'around the world' and his ability to turn one more can of beans and a carrot into a gourmet experience truly is amazing.  He believes and we concur, that a well fed crew is a happy crew. His motto: Saving lives one plate at a time.

Chef cliffe arrand

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