Planning & Management

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Hotel Bookings

Mongolia Fixers maintains contracts with a number of upscale hotels in Ulaanbaatar and can often offer a discounted price compared to booking direct. We gladly pass on savings to our clients.

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Countryside Accomodation

Wherever your shoot location or destination in Mongolia, we can make comfortable arrangements for your crew or group. From temporary mobile ger camps, to luxury tenting, established tourist camps, expedition tenting or countryside hotels, we've got you covered. We can present options for a wide range of purposes and budgets.

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Luxury Camping

We have a number of Sibley (Bell) tents for hire or for use on custom luxury camping expeditions. These come complete with very comfortable deluxe airbeds and too many pillows. Combine these on a trip with a personal chef for an unforgettable experience in the Mongolian countryside.

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Domestic Airline Bookings

Mongolia Fixers has contracts with Mongolia's domestic carriers. We can arrange bookings, often at discounted rates, hold group bookings, arrange for excess baggage transport and more.